Thursday, December 2, 2010

Teachers' Effective Working Conditions

As a parent, I want engaging learning experiences for my daughter.  As a citizen, I think education should foster and model democracy.

As a teacher with the Philadelphia School District, I am very concerned about meaningful student achievement.  Over the last year, I've been honored to research and co-author a report on the working conditions that make teachers more effective.  A link to the report (pdf or on-line media) is here: Transforming School Conditions.  Here is a synopsis:

Teacher Recruitment:  The teacher residency is a good model for recruitment and support of teacher candidates because it aligns college, district and community policy around student needs.
Accountability: Assessment and evaluation systems for students and teachers need to be reciprocal, broad and holistic.
Life-long Learning: Teachers are more effective with the development of professional networks within and across schools to support teaching and learning.
Teacher Leadership: Teachers need diverse opportunities for teacher leadership that do not require removal from the classroom.
Social Capital:  As a society, we need to invest in community resources to develop and support effective schools.  Children who are safe, healthy and well-rested are more likely to do well in school.
What do you think are the working conditions teachers need in order to be effective?

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