Monday, May 23, 2011

If I were Secretary of Education...

Education Week blogger and school teacher Nancy Flanagan tells us about her plan for national education reform -- especially if she had the resources of the Department of Education at her fingertips.

If I were Secretary of Education, I'd revise Race To The Top so that --
  • "civil democracy" was promoted as a central aim of education;
  • college and career readiness were framed as natural outgrowths of a civil democracy;
  • teachers had the time and resources to develop meaningful assessments that tell us about students' critical and creative thinking strategies;
  • teachers were invited to participate in policy discussions, teacher education, research and program administration (perhaps with modified, i.e. reduced, classroom assignments);
  • resources were leveraged for systemic reform that supported safe communities, stable families, national healthcare, and meaningful employment.
What would YOU do, if you were the Secretary of Education?

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