Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Which teachers do you appreciate, and why?

Below is my list of teachers that I appreciateThank you for all that you do.

1 Experienced Teacher -- Josh Block, Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia School District
Josh has been teaching for about 12 years.  Over the last decade, he has led professional development for colleagues, integrated inquiry-driven history and English curricula, and coached public school students for the Young Philadelphia Playwrights, several of whom have had there work performed by college students at Temple University.  Each year, Josh and his students and participate in the Art in the Open as they explore civic space and urban studies. 

1 Novice/beginning Teacher -- Claire Landau, Independence Charter School
Claire is an exceptional beginning teacher who sets up student-centered classrooms where 1st-graders can explore academic content alongside social/emotional wellness.  She wants her charter school students to be kind and thoughtful, and she is especially adept at helping her students see themselves as part of a community and part of the larger world.  Claire also runs PhilaSoup -- so she is successful with her new job as a teacher AND helping teacher connect with cool academic projects over soup.

1 Teacher Leader -- Anissa Weinraub, West Phila High School, Phila School District

Anissa is a teacher leader who serves on the advisory board for the Philadelphia Student Union.  She is also a moving force behind TAG Philly (Teacher Action Group).  Anissa has facilitated professional development around education and social justice  issues, coordinated the "Inquiry to Action Groups" and co-founded the annual "Education for Liberation Curriculum Summit."
1 College–level teacher -- Carrie R. Lenea, Pitt Business-Center for Health and Care Work
Carrie came out with a cutting-edge report on the importance of teachers' social capital in sustaining education reform: The Missing Link in School Reform. This article can serve as a foundation for ED's RESPECT Project as it emphasizes the importance of teachers' voices in education reform.  Coming from the Pitt School of Business, the report offers a respectable counter-point to a one-sided economic model of education reform.

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